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The Circle Vision Method of Teraforming

You will use the following tools


This is an example of the typical curved land mass.

Step one is to raise a single tile of land

Next Raise a second block

Next raise on edge of the second bock to make a point.

Next drag edges of adjacent tiles up to join the edges of the first two tiles.  Note that the land smooths at the edges when it is properly joined.

Do this on both sides of the original two tiles this angle gives you a good view of what is going on

Complete the curve by bringing up additional tiles adjusting the angle of each subsequent tile to be more steep than the previous one. 


Finish joining the edges of the adjacent tiles

Using white land texture you can create the illusion of an even smoother surface.  Add walls or building pieces of choice.

Vodhin's spotlights create a colorful effect to show some other options with surfaces like this.

That is a basic technique, it is up to your creativity to come up with new uses for the method.