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Building Cafeterias and food courts with hidden stalls.

All the custom scenery used in this tutorial can be found on Vodhin's site and disfan1's tables can be found on the RCT3 Exchange as well as the Brand Logos

Determin how large you want your cafeteria or food court to be and lay out  a checkerboard where your tables and chairs will be placed.

Line up the stalls you wish to use in a row back to back.

Place path squares on the other side if you wish to have tables and chairs on each side.

I did an optional step for this tutorial I don't always use which is placing walls between the stalls to keep the view from going straight through.  The key to this entire  process is to use walls that do not have collision detection.  Several custom scenery walls work for this.  In this example I am using  Pumpers pitch black walls and the lightning wall all form his Dark Ride set.

Each grid is divided by quarters in width and thirds in height.  I set the the lightning wall that will be the counter front 2/3 into the ground and set a second wall 1/3 tile above that to leave a space for the peeps and the vendors to see each other.  Raising and lowering the walls is done by holding the shift key and moving your mouse forward or backward.  Walls without collision detection do not just raise to the next height automatically like normal RCT3 scenery walls do so you have to use the shift key and raise them up.  The roof tiles for the Soaked! city buildings work the same way.  It is useful to have some pieces like this so they can be placed nearly anywhere.

The inspector is watching as all the stalls are enclosed.

Several things can be used to dress the stalls up.  Here I am using Iceatcs KFC awning form his brand logos set.

Placing tables, chairs, and trash bins.  The tables are from disfan1

Fill in the space between the seating areas.

Enclose your new cafeteria in whatever style building you like.  Notice I have used standard RCT2 slate walls and glass walls to enclose the food court.  Looks plain now but we will fix that soon.  There is a 1/3 high wall that makes the base around the entire court then the full height glass walls and topped off with a 2/3 slate wall.  The corners also will not meet when you place the walls on the outside edge of the path tiles but again, we will fix that shortly.

I am using an urban style structure.  Custom scenery plays a big roll by using Klinn's recolorable screen wall and Pumper's Blox 1/4 tile mini cube.  The first floor ledge and roof ledge are Pumper's 1/4 cube form the BLOX set.  One of the most useful custom scenery objects.  Those upper floor windows are from the Slate walls in the standard scenery.  It is starting too look like an urban building now.  Notice that I used a 1/3 wall between the second and third floor windows this gives it the illusion of having a full floor.

Finished building with lighting and landscaping.   Klinn's arch columns fill in between the windows just like we did between the stalls inside and frame the doorway taking care of that flat dull look and also covering those unsightly corners.

Next let's look at some simple midway style stalls.