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RCT3 Forum Post Your Picture Guide


To post you RCT creations of the forums you need to use some pictures or everyone will freak out and post 57 times that you need a freaking screenshot or they won't download your stuff.  You're sitting there thinking sheesh what's the problem it looks cool to me but everyone else is out there thinking I don't know if I want to download this it might just be some rotten crap for crap...

To take a screen shot you find the view on your RCT park that makes it look the least crappy and you hit the F10 key. 

See here we got a great shot of KiDFoX's East Coasters club in this really awesome park everyone's gonna want to get.

So when I get the screen shot does it look like this? 

No it looks like this:

and when I do have it how to I get it online?

Ok so we got our beautiful screen shot and what I do is I open it up in Photoshop, I know you don't have Photoshop, big deal open it in Microsoft Paint.  Everyone who has a Windows PC has that.

OK so in Photoshop to change the size you go to the top menu where there's all those words written across the bar thingy, you find the word IMAGE you click that got to IMAGE SIZE

You see this thing....

change the size of the picture to something between 600 and 800 pixels wide

Looks like that


and then go to FILE up at the top again and click SAVE AS

You get this thing here

Where it says FORMAT you change that to JPEG

looks like this when you did it right

Click SAVE

You see this thing.  Move that slider up there that says SMALL FILE on one side and LARGE FILE on the other till you get to MEDIUM

Looks like that.


That is how you go for Holy Crap that is Big to the beautiful shot at the top of the page in Photoshop.

If you don't have Photoshop



You can do the same thing with Microsoft Paint

Open the picture in Paint go to IMAGE pick STRETCH SKEW

You see this thing

Change Stretch to about 75% to 60% on both horizontal and vertical.  You do not need to change the Skew


Looks like that

Go to FILE and pick SAVE AS

You get that thing

Change it to JPEG

Looks like that when you did it right.


That's how you do that and keep everyone from griping.


To get it online you find someplace to upload it like




Or you get a nifty website just like me and put them on the web.  Once on the web you take the URL to your image and go back to the forum and when you click to make your new post you hit the IMG button

That's it I circled it for you so you can't get confused


and type your image URL in there and then preview the post to make sure it works.

Something like that.


That will save you a lot of hassle and a lot of people complaining about your posting.

If you need to know how to edit the screen shot to take out the menus you will have to ask me or check out the list of cheats on the General Discussion Forum for one that removes those things for you so you can take the shot without them   you have to have peeps in the park to use it so I just cut them out with a photo editor.  Like I said if you don't know how to do that yell and I will show you.

Just not now. 


I have to work.


That's it for now I have to work, I got a job you see, I work for a living...




Go out side you look like a ghost... get some sun.